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2021 brings the first collaboration of SIMION & BACIU with Law Students Association (ASD)

ASD periodically organizes events in which the students of the Faculty of Law are offered the opportunity to get in touch with the world that awaits them after graduation. This way students can form a perspective on the life of a legal professional. We are happy to be part of the discovery journey young law students take.

Between March 22 and April 18, 2021, we will organize our first internship for the students of the Faculty of Law in Bucharest.

For this year’s internship, Ms. Denisa Zaharia, a third-year law student with the Faculty of Law in Bucharest, will be a part of SIMION & BACIU team, with the joy and enthusiasm that characterizes the search for a path in the legal profession. 

The internship is structured and aimed at providing Denisa with the opportunity to work alongside seasoned lawyers specialized in niche domains such as IP, technology and gambling. We trust this will help gaining practical skills needed later on as a professional in the legal field, while also allowing Denisa to expand her theoretical knowledge in domains that are less studied in the formal Faculty curricula.

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