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Ana-Maria Baciu: My professional life is most valuable because of the people I get to interact with every day

May 2023

In a recent interview for Managing IP, Ana-Maria Baciu, Managing Partner reiterated key-bits about how she entered the IP profession, her working principles, and her advice to women interested in joining the profession, as well as about setting up SIMION & BACIU, together with Cosmina Simion, Managing Partner and Andreea Bende, Partner, and the approach moving forward.

Ana-Maria mentioned:

My professional life, as a managing partner included, is most valuable because of the people I get to interact with every day.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about setting up and running their own firm?

Be brave and know your strengths. And even more so, your weaknesses. And be patient—with your colleagues, with your clients, but most importantly, with yourself.

Have you noticed interesting trends in the IP market in your jurisdiction and/or region?

The more diverse the new technology evolves, the more challenging its protection becomes. This is the future, and it’s our job to make it secure.

As the firm’s leader, what is your top priority for next year?

Our priority has always been, and continues to be, the team. Once your team is optimally functioning and content, all your projects will be successful.

The entire interview is available HERE.

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