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Category: Privacy

Data Privacy Insights: An individual is able to claim its „right to be forgotten” when search engines display misleading or inaccurate information

January 2023 28 January marks the celebration of the Data Protection Day. An anniversary that acknowledges, year after year, the efforts to raise awareness of the rules for processing personal data and to promote good practices in this field. In this spirit, our colleagues Petruș Partene and Silvana Curteanu present their expert views on a…
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New requirements for the identification of individuals and the establishment of databases – a privacy perspective

January 2023 Authored by Cosmina Simion and Petruș Partene. The recent legislative amendments brought by Law No. Law No. 326/2022 amending and supplementing Government Emergency Ordinance No. 77/2009 on the organization and operation of games of chance impose a set of new obligations on gambling operators. In summary, gambling operators will have: Although we expect…
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Data Protection Law: legislative and regulatory provisions governing data privacy in Romania

November 2022 Increasing amounts of data are collected, stored, and compiled by businesses to enhance innovation and efficiency. In response, data privacy emerges as an efficient instrument for regulating and limiting data processing activities, controlling access to data and preventing or resolving data security risks. Cosmina Maria Simion, Ana-Maria Coruga and Petrus Partene prepared an…
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SIMION & BACIU at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2022

November 2022 Data can boost the value of a business. More so in the current societal and technological environment. As a concept and as a legal area of practice, data privacy raises a number of discussion points, ranging from mitigating potential risks that may impact the economic performance of a company to exploring novel ways…
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Changes to the Romanian gambling legislation: new requirements for gambling operators

November 2022 In an effort to monitor the social circumstances of self-excluded and undesirable individuals, and to increase preventive measures against gambling addiction, on 31 October 2022, the Chamber of Deputies approved a new piece of legislation that amends the primary gambling legislation. The envisaged changes impacting the B2C operators as per the proposed amendments…
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Digital Services Package: EU establishes a thorough standard for regulating digital space

On 5th July 2022, the European Parliament adopted the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. Digital Services Act According to a press release of the European Parliament, the Digital Services Act (DSA) sets clear obligation for digital service providers to tackle the spread of illegal content, online disinformation, and other societal risks. The…
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The Government Cloud Platform is one step closer to implementation

On June 27th, 2022, the Romanian Government approved the Government Emergency Ordinance on implementing the Government Cloud Platform (Cloud GEO). The Cloud GEO creates the legal framework enabling the setting up, management and development of a national hybrid-cloud infrastructure (the Platform). The public entities responsible for the implementation, management, security, and development of the Platform…
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