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Chambers – GLOBAL PRACTICE GUIDE – TMT 2020 (Q&A): Romania

Law and Practice

Contributed by:

Cosmina Simion, Ana-Maria Coruga, Andrei Cosma and Teodora Popescu
Simion & Baciu see p.14


1. Cloud Computing p.2

2. Blockchain p.3

3. Legal Considerations for Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence p.4

4. Legal Considerations for Internet of Things Projects p.6

5. Challenges with IT Service Agreements p.7 6. Key Data Protection Principles p.7

6. Key Data Protection Principles p.7

7. Monitoring and Limiting of Employee Use of Computer Resources p.8

8. Scope of Telecommunications Regime

9. Audio-Visual Services and Video Channels p.11 10. Encryption Requirements p.12



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