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Consumer Protection & Advertising

When your business is mainly about advertising for and selling goods or providing services to consumers, you need to understand and comply with the consumer protection legislation. While Romania is bound to comply with the EU legislation, the Romanian authorities’ practice in this field may prove challenging at times.

We are here to guide you through the often-complex legal requirements, but also to translate into business-friendly language the locally flavored conditions that one needs to be aware of and observe to enable a compliant, but smooth activity in Romania.

Our Consumer Protection practice sums up the extensive expertise of our team, that has grown to advise clients on the full spectrum of consumer protection and advertising matters.


Our practice thus covers:

  • Comparative and misleading advertising;
  • Product safety and product liability;
  • Regulatory consumer protection advice.

We regularly deal with:

  • advertising and promotions, both online and offline;
  • business ‘health-checks’ for consumer law compliance;
  • brand ambassador and influencer agreements;
  • copy clearance;
  • consumer cancellation rights;
  • consumer rights re defective goods and services;
  • dealing with both consumer complaints as well as competitors’ complaints;
  • image rights agreements;
  • pre- and post-contractual information requirements;
  • sponsorship matters;
  • standard terms and conditions and other consumer contracts;
  • unfair contract terms and contractual enforceability;
  • unfair and misleading commercial practices;

We constantly engage in meetings with trade associations, as well as relevant public authorities, to keep us abreast of the latest interpretations and relevant practice of the authorities, as well as any legislative challenges that are to come. We are a regular presence in front of the self-regulatory bodies, such as the Romanian Advertising Council.


We particularly focus on a wide range of industries, with emphasis on FMCG (including regulated products, such as cosmetics and food supplements), media & entertainment including gaming, automotive, tobacco, life sciences, textiles and toys.


As we know the impact a regulatory decision can have on the business, we always strive to, (and judging by the reaction of the market, we must be doing it right), react promptly to our clients’ needs.