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Cosmina Maria Simion: The local business law services market is one that constantly evolves, aiming at finding its identity and maturity

July 2023

In a recent interview for CEE Legal Matters, Cosmina Simion, Managing Partner of SIMION & BACIU elaborated on the trends and context she envisages for the state of play of the business law services market in Romania, offering her perspective on the spin-offs and mergers that this sector has seen in recent times.

Clippings reflecting Cosmina’s thoughts include:

  • [spin-offs and mergers] do not necessarily respond to economic factors exclusively, but also to particular situations and are neither a norm nor a rule in any market, but merely the signs of constant evolution and change, which should always be welcomed.
  • predictability should be regarded as a desiderate and not a prerequisite, as four years ago, when discussing the then-current affairs with colleagues, considering what the next events that would define the history of our adulthood will be – no one mentioned a pandemic that would force many of us to dive deep into our beliefs and priorities, nor a war near our country’s frontier that would prompt us to re-evaluate aspects we normally tend to neglect and take for granted, such as the availability of basic resources.
  • general counsels and in-house teams, as well as other C-suite level executives engaged in the selection and procurement of legal services, are increasingly expressing desire and satisfaction towards lawyers who demonstrate expertise that is relevant to a specific industry, and the ability to enclose non-legal expertise into their thinking.

The full collage of Cosmina’s views is available HERE.

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