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Data Protection Law: legislative and regulatory provisions governing data privacy in Romania

November 2022

Increasing amounts of data are collected, stored, and compiled by businesses to enhance innovation and efficiency. In response, data privacy emerges as an efficient instrument for regulating and limiting data processing activities, controlling access to data and preventing or resolving data security risks.

Cosmina Maria Simion, Ana-Maria Coruga and Petrus Partene prepared an informative and straightforward overview of the legislative and regulatory provisions governing data privacy in Romania to help companies active across industry sectors stay updated with relevant information in the field.

The material is part of the comparative guides series produced by Mondaq and adds to the 24 jurisdictions included in the 2022 repository.

In compiling the Romanian chapter, our colleagues combined their expert knowledge of data privacy and personal data processing matters with solid research and information structuring to ensure that the piece

  • adds value to its target audience and
  • offers easy-to-implement and expert-vetted information regarding the most frequently used concepts related to data privacy.

The full article is available HERE.

A multi-jurisdiction comparative guide can be compiled HERE.

SIMION & BACIU’s Data Privacy and Personal Data Processing practice combines strong technical expertise with on-the-job practical knowledge in order to provide a tailored response to each situation impacting out clients’ businesses.

Details about our practice are available HERE.

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