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Dispute Resolution – an approach tailored to the needs and the context of businesses active in Romania – practice overview

October 2022

SIMION & BACIU’s Dispute Resolution practice expanded 3-fold during the past 12 months, with its activity being boosted by the impressive volume of cases that reflects a 4-time increase, this year.

Our team manages a flow of sophisticated projects, each having a substantial commercial stake for our clients, that covers a vast array of legal matters and a portfolio of clients that includes entrepreneurs, private equity funds or major corporation, domestic and multinational, leaders in their sectors of activity.

Traditionally, the structure of the legal services offering by SIMION & BACIU has included, since its foundation in 2019, the representation of our clients in disputes with a legal content focused on the main practice areas of specialization for our team. Formally, SIMION & BACIU’s Dispute Resolution practice was created at the end of 2020, at a time when the cases entrusted to us had become considerably more numerous and complex, requiring a formal operational system specific to a practice unit. Subsequently, in August 2021, the practice entered a new stage of evolution with the aim of creating a team of dispute resolution specialists well positioned to work both

  • independently, in response to the variety of cases that had already exceeded the scope of the original areas for which we were engaged by clients from the firm’s portfolio, as well as
  • perfectly aligned and integrated with the colleagues from the firm’s consulting practice areas.

Today, our representation has expanded in scope to include cases concerning intellectual property matters, including patent litigation, gambling law, retail and consumer protection aspects, construction law, employment law or commercial law. We assist and represent clients active in industry sectors such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail (including DYI), food and beverages and other FMCG domains, software and technology, industrial manufacturing, automotive, mass-media, telecommunications or gambling.

Currently, the activity of the dispute resolution practice is coordinated by Cristiana Prodescu, Managing Associate, under the direction of Ana-Maria Baciu (Managing Partner and Founder), who is the Responsible Partner at the level of this practice. In this structure, a medium-term objective of our Dispute Resolution practice is to consolidate a structure that would allow SIMION & BACIU to cover substantively, but also from an optimal operational perspective, a volume of pre-litigation and litigious cases that is growing and continuously diversifying.

“A large part of our traditional clients in the consultancy areas of practice have continued to expand their collaboration with the firm throughout the past 12 months, including by entrusting the Dispute Resolution team with litigation mandates whose number is constantly increasing. (…) Our strategic plans for the near future include the continuation of the diversification of the type of mandates we manage with the inclusion in our offering of arbitrations as a form of representation of our clients. As in the case of the practice areas for which the firm is traditionally valued and respected, the considerable experience of key members of our team in the arbitration area is a strong value added for the benefit of our clients”, mentioned Ana-Maria Baciu, Managing Partner.

“Our firm is a good fit as an external legal advisor in the Dispute Resolution area, too, thanks to the fact that beyond first-class professional certification, we provide integrated legal services that focus on the practical benefit for clients and a 360° perspective on the impact of the strategy used in a dispute on their business. The current structure of the Dispute Resolution practice group allows us not only to cover a varied typology of litigation, but also to assemble distinct teams to manage, in parallel, a significant volume of files. Moreover, we work in a matrix-alike structure, alongside our colleagues from the firm’s consultancy teams”, added Cristiana Prodescu, Managing Associate.

The full interview showcasing our expertise and resources in the Dispute Resolution area is available (in Romanian only) HERE.

To learn more about the manner in which we would approach any of your potential disputes, please reach out to Ana-Maria Baciu and Cristiana Prodescu.

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