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Dispute Resolution

With both regulation and enforcement on the rise, ensuring compliance and avoidance of regulatory intervention are business critical issues.

Our industry focus helps us handle technically challenging and complex matters you are faced with. To that end, we integrate teams of specialists to provide consistent quality to your business.

We work together with you to manage potential risks and implement the most effective solutions to reduce costs, while being aligned with your business objectives. We understand your need to mitigate legal liability and potential exposure to financial and reputational risks. With this in mind, we engage with you as early on as possible to help you navigate the legal and regulatory framework and obtain optimum results, when a dispute or regulatory intervention is unavoidable.

And when amicable settlement is no longer possible, we take our expertise in front of the court and put it to practice for your benefit.

Our practice covers:

  • Commercial disputes, either in connection with commercial agreements or torts;
  • Complaints before competent authorities, self-regulation bodies or courts for unfair practices, misleading or comparative advertising, discrimination or product liability;
  • General administrative disputes, including annulment and suspension claims or preliminary complaints against administrative deeds;
  • Intellectual Property disputes including with respect to copyright and neighboring rights, trademarks and designs, trade dress, image rights or border measures;
  • Alternative dispute resolution regarding domain names;
  • Enforcement proceedings.