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European Lawyers Day 2023: Confidentiality of client-lawyer communications, a must for protecting your rights

October 2023

To celebrate the 2023 European Lawyers’ Day, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) proposed the theme: Confidentiality of client-lawyer communications: a must for protecting your rights.

Detailing on the context that would support any adjacent national initiatives, the CCBE’s elaborated: “The confidentiality of exchanges between a client and their lawyer is a key element in establishing  a relationship of trust that enables the client to communicate their circumstances in order to advised, represented and defended.  Clients can only receive appropriate legal advice if they can communicate openly and in confidence.” (SOURCE)

On the occasion, the National Association of Romanian Bars (UNBR) and the Bucharest Bar organized an event to address the key theme proposed by CCBE, creating thus the much-needed platform for ideas exchange. During the debate, the legal professional representatives present reaffirmed the need to protect confidentiality and professional secrecy, concluding that interferences in this matter must be exceptional and proportionate to the aim pursued.

Ana-Maria Baciu and Diana Chitea attended the event and further shared to our team the above main – sensitive and consistent – takeaway, undoubtable food-for-though across the profession.

Details about the event organized by UNBR and the Bucharest Bar are available (in Romanian) HERE.

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