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First esports regulation in Romania

On June 20th, 2022, the first legislative proposal aimed to regulate the esports phenomenon in Romania has been registered with the Romanian Senate.

This legislative proposal aims to modify the existing law which regulates sports by introducing esports in the spectrum of sports.

In accordance with the draft law, esports is intended to cover all activities performed in a virtual environment, performed in an organized and competitive manner via a computer or other electronic device, which takes place individually or in teams and aims to obtain results in competitions. Besides this definition, the bill also intends to regulate new concepts such as:

  • eplayers
  • eclubs
  • ecompetitions
  • esport arenas or
  • esport associations

The purpose of this bill is to tackle a legislative void existing in Romania and to create a proper framework for esports activities (including the protection of professional players) in order for Romania to become a key player in this new global phenomenon, attracting both local and foreign investors.

While this proposal would be welcomed for the already existing esports community in Romania, at this stage it remains to be seen how the final draft will look and how certain particular matters (e.g., registration of professional players, taxation, potential overlap with gambling etc.) will be regulated.

Moreover, with Romania set to host the 15th World Esports Championships Finals in 2023, the local market is expected to benefit from extensive international exposure and the domestic regulation framework is also expected to be subject to scrutiny by interested parties.

For more details on the topic, please contact Cosmina Simion and Andrei Cosma.

The Romanian version of this digest is available here.

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