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Gambling Industry Insights: A view on the proposed changes to the Romanian legislative framework on gambling advertising

April 2023

Considering the development of the advertising in general, characterized by an impressive number of channels and innovative methods through which information is delivered to the target audience, it is not surprising that, across multiple European jurisdictions, the attention of the gambling market has shifted towards this topic. The tendency has not gone unnoticed in Romania either, as it prepares for an important and, some may say, anticipated reform in the gambling advertising sector.

Managing Partner Cosmina Maria Simion and Senior Associate Geanina Oprita authored an article elaborating on the main provisions of the legislative proposal currently on Romanian authorities’ agenda and the possible challenges that this would entail for the gambling industry, if enacted.

To note that, while it may be difficult to envision the final form of the legislative proposal that will be adopted by the Romanian Parliament and also to estimate the timeframe, taking into consideration the high interest the public opinion has taken on the subject hand in hand with the political pressure, changes are expected to materialize in the near future.

The piece prepared for and first published in the International Masters of Gambling Law (IMGL) magazine is available for download HERE.

The IMGL magazine can be cycled through in full HERE.

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