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Gambling Law Regulatory Legislative Overview. Trends and Developments in Romania.

February 2023

The Romanian regulatory framework for gaming was reformed in 2015–16. This created a gambling market that can be fairly characterized as robust in both its land-based and online sectors. The COVID-19 crisis has had, however, in the past two years, a severe impact on the land-based gambling industry, which has faced continuous restrictions.

The year 2022 can be characterized as a year of legislative inflation affecting the gambling industry from various (and, in some cases, unexpected) angles.

Most notable in this respect are:

  • the AML Instructions – the sectoral norms for the application of anti-money laundering (AML) legislation to gambling operators were adopted in January 2022;
  • the primary gambling legislation was significantly changed/updated in July 2022; and
  • the taxes owed by entities in the gambling field have significantly increased and new payment obligations have been introduced.

Team members of our Gaming and Gambling Regulatory practice authored a detailed overview of the current gambling legislative landscape in Romania, coupled with an insightful presentation of trends and recent developments characterizing this field. This material is part of an extensive initiative coordinated by Chambers and Partners – the Gaming Law 2022 Global Practice Guide, a comparative analysis that covers 32 jurisdictions across the globe.

The overview is designed to cover topics such as:

  • Current Outlook | Recent Changes
  • Jurisdictional Overview (Online | Land-Based)
  • Legislative Framework
  • Licensing and Regulatory Framework
  • Land-Based Gambling
  • Online Gambling
  • Responsible Gambling (RG), Also Known as Safer Gambling (SG)
  • Anti-money Laundering (AML)
  • Advertising
  • Acquisitions and Changes of Control
  • Enforcement
  • Recent Trends (Social Gaming | Esports | Fantasy Sports | Skill Gaming | Blockchain or Cryptocurrency)
  • Tax
  • Anticipated Reform

The full chapter covering Romania was authored by Cosmina Simon, Ana-Maria Baciu and Andrei Cosma and is available for download HERE.

The details included in this chapter do not constitute legal advice. Before taking any decision based on the information included therewith, please consult with your legal advisors. The information is accurate as of November 2022.

You can access compilations across jurisdictions of interest and/or on relevant sections accessing the relevant platform HERE.

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