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How will the Omnibus Directive impact data monetisation models in the digital sector?

The Omnibus Directive, part of the EU’s New Deal for Consumers initiative, is designed to strengthen and expand the scope of EU consumer laws and to modernize EU consumer protection rules for new market developments. In this spirit, the Directive brings critical changes to existing consumer framework legislation.

Cosmina Simion and Ana-Maria Corugă shared their views on one of the key changes introduced by the Omnibus Directive, specifically the extension of the Consumer Rights Directive scope of application to B2C agreements where the trader supplies or undertakes to supply digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium or a digital service to the consumer and the consumer provides or undertakes to provide personal data to the trader.

”As a first consequence of the regulation of new parameters under which one will determine whether a long-distance B2C contract having as object digital content or a digital service, without a price being required from the consumer, the trader shall be diligent in ensuring a proper qualification of the legal bases under which the personal data collected from the consumer are processed”,

mentioned our colleagues.

The entire analysis is available here: https://www.amcham.ro/business-intelligence/amcham-dataprotectionmonth-expert-views-5-how-omnibus-directive-will-impact-data-monetisation-models-in-digital-sector

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