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ICE 2023 London Through back: Key Takeaways from the debate on Advertising in Adversity

February 2023

With its record-breaking edition, ICE London provided a much-anticipated platform for debates on topics that need to be addressed transparently from every angle to set the stage for the next phase of the gaming and gambling industry’s development.

Cosmina Simion, Managing Partner of SIMION & BACIU and First Vice President of IMGL moderated the panel focused on a discussion facilitated and supported by IMGL on Advertising in Adversity, a sensitive topic on the agenda of operators and affiliates due to the fact that in recent years advertising has begun to feel like a taboo. Key takeaways from the vivid discussions include:

  • Every customer counts! While the discussions gravitated toward the core topic of interest for this panel, advertising, the larger view of the interested parties is that the entire industry’s concerns should be focused on the integrated experience of a player, which includes advertising naturally.
  • As the regulations are expected to reach an extreme, given how advertising has been used to target customers, market participants note that such a process might lead to too strict rules. Nevertheless, the community agrees that any new legislation must prove its viability by answering questions such as its necessity, its proportionality, and its ability to deliver the effects it is supposed to.
  • Predictability remains a constant expectation and concern for the business community, including as concerns the topic of advertising.

While ICE 2023 it’s a wrap, the above topics and more are still open for discussion, so stay tuned and… See you all in 2024.

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