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Informing consumers about alternative dispute resolution services (ADR): new requirements for companies

On 19 July 2022, an order regarding certain measures to inform consumers about alternative dispute resolution services, issues by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (Order no. 449/2022, the „Order”)), was published in the Romanian Official Gazette. The Order will enter into force within 30 days of its publication, specifically starting 18 August 2022.

The Order requires the economic operators to display an informative plaque (physical locations) and icons (online), respectively, to provide information about the availability of alternative dispute resolution services (Romanian SAL).

The icons have the following shape:

Informative plaque  

The informative plaque will be placed near the cash register or near the operating hours announcement, in the visual field of the consumer, in the commercialization space or the provision of services area, respectively. Minimum size of the plaque is of 16 cm X 16 cm.    

The icons must be 250 (W) x 50 (H) pixels and must also have the link https://anpc.ro/ce-este-sal/ associated to them. The icons will be displayed on the company’s website home page, on the menu line/section of the webpage.

Please note that this is a separate obligation from those of economic operators established by Order 72/2010 on consumer information measures, namely, to display on the first page of the website (home page) a visible link to the official web address of the National Authority for Consumer Protection (www.anpc.gov.ro), called CONSUMER PROTECTION – A.N.P.C.

For more details, please contact Ana-Maria Baciu or your regular contact at SIMION & BACIU.

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