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Introduction to trademark registration procedure in Romania

The effective protection and enforcement of IP rights is paramount to any business’s success. Thus, business owners should put effort into the proper selection and protection of the brand under which their business will operate, at the very early stages of the business’s existence.

This is a multifold process with potential red flags during its rolling-out. To assist interested entities navigate it, Zsófia Judit Halmágyi and Andreea Bende authored an article that elaborates on the following aspects regarding the topic:

  • Trademark availability search
  • Filing trademark applications
  • Fees for trademark registration
  • Examination of trademark applications
  • Oppositions to trademark applications
  • Final steps to registration

“If the business owner wishes to seek trademark protection in Romania, the trademark availability search should be carried out in the relevant online databases among identical or similar earlier trademarks seeking or enjoying protection for identical or similar goods and/or services in Romania, namely:

  • national registered trademarks and trademark applications;
  • EU-registered trademarks and trademark applications; and
  • internationally registered trademarks that have Romania or the European Union designated for protection.

Despite Romania being a first-to-file jurisdiction, an Internet search for the candidate mark in relation to identical or similar goods and/or services is also recommended in order to identify any potentially conflicting prior use of the searched mark on the Romanian market”, highlighted Andreea and Zsófia.

The entire article, prepared for and published by ILO/Lexology is available here. Also, for ease of use and future reference, a PDF format can be downloaded here.

ILO is a premium online legal update service for major companies and law firms worldwide. In-house corporate counsel and other users of legal services, as well as law firm partners, qualify for a free subscription.

To raise awareness on intellectual property aspects and to help companies understand the relevant concepts, risks and benefit connected to such, SIMION & BACIU constantly contributes expert views to reputable publications, such as ILO.

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