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Legal Innovation Day 2023: Understand The Tech Transformation of the Legal Profession and Be Part of the Process

October 20234

Evaluating how technology is reshaping the legal profession is a must and we, at SIMION & BACIU do so including by being actively engaged in the relevant discussion, as the ones facilitated by events such as Legal Innovation Day.

With this in mind, Ileana Nicolescu and Irina Văleanu, together with Roxana Rizoiu attended the 2023 edition of the event organized by Wolters Kluwer.

The conference provided the perfect platform for content-rich discussions related to the need for operational and structural preparation for integrating new technologies into the legal profession, as well as the challenges, opportunities, and risks this may rise.

Among the main ideas discussed, several topics were particularly noted by our colleagues:

  • Technology adoption: ensuring a sustainable development of a company (including from the legal spectrum) cannot be done without adapting to new technologies and without ensuring the premises for technological versatility.
  • Information sharing: exchanging diverse experiences on how technology influences change (including in the way we work) is geometrically increasing the speed with which we understand the benefits of technology and, more importantly, which tools are right for our needs.
  • Implications versus benefits: it is important to advocate for a balanced approach to integrating technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal activity, with emphasis on users’ training as well as a responsible, cautious use of these tools, doubled by verification and correlation of outputs to maximize their benefits.

The relationship our team has been building with tech tools is one that would position us as curious yet pragmatic professionals constantly seeking solutions that are beneficial to us and our clients. We are always looking forward to exploring and testing them first-hand.

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