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Navigating the Data Privacy Landscape: a concise report from IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2023

November 2023

Cosmina Simion and Petruș Partene attended IAPP’s 2023 edition of the Europe Data Protection Congress. They shared their expert views on the event’s context and highlighted core elements worthy of further exploration, as part of our commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest legal developments, directly benefiting our clients.


The world of data becomes increasingly complex, and so does the need for businesses to stay abreast of the latest data privacy regulations and best practices. The IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2023, held in Brussels, Belgium, provided a valuable platform for privacy professionals to share insights and strategies for navigating this ever-evolving landscape.

As Cosmina and Petrus reported, the debates, presentations, and side talks held during the congress were meticulously crafted to navigate the real-life labyrinth of data privacy laws and regulations. The core objective was to provide professionals with the necessary updates and insights, empowering them to assist clients in safeguarding their valuable data assets.

Core elements to explore, moving forward:

Food for thought to circle back to as a follow-up to the event includes themes such as:

  • The importance of embedding privacy into all aspects of business operations. Data privacy is not just a compliance issue; it is also a business imperative. By embedding privacy into all aspects of their operations, businesses can foster customer trust, enhance data security, and gain a competitive edge.
  • The imperative for a comprehensive approach to AI governance is non-negotiable and increasingly evident. While AI stands as a powerful tool, it inherently brings significant risks. Businesses need to establish a comprehensive AI governance framework, that includes clear policies and procedures for the development, deployment, and use of AI systems, ensuring firm compliance with data privacy regulations.
  • The rising challenge of data subject requests. As customers, professionals, citizens, we are all increasingly aware of our rights under data privacy laws, and we are more likely to exercise those rights. Businesses must proactively equip themselves to handle data subject requests promptly and efficiently.

For us at SIMION & BACIU, the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress reconfirmed its value as a gathering that grands access to a wealth of resources necessary for navigating the transformative world of data privacy, to insights from leading privacy experts and opportunities to network with esteemed peers.

IAPP is a not-for-profit organization that helps the global information privacy community define, promote and improve the privacy profession, which hosts a number of reputable professional events, such as the Europe Data Protection Congress (DPC). To learn more about IAPP and the 2023 DPC, please visit the website HERE.

More details about SIMION & BACIU Data Privacy and Personal Data Protection practice are available HERE.

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