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Preliminary injunction claims raised in IP conflicts in Romania: legal background and recent court practice

According to the Romanian legislation, the Romanian courts may issue preliminary injunction orders for provisional measures if an IP rights holder submits credible evidence that its rights are subject to an actual or imminent act of infringement and such act gives rise to damages that would be very difficult to repair.

Andreea Bende and Cristiana Prodescu authored an article that elaborates on the following aspects that concern the topic:

  • Applicability
  • Measures
  • Conditions
  • Procedure
  • Enforceability
  • Case law

“Preliminary injunction claims are urgent procedures brought before the competent court that would also have competence to trial the case on the merits. Usually, the court’s ruling in such cases is rendered in an expedited manner. (…)”, highlighted Andreea and Cristiana.

The entire article, prepared for and published by ILO, is available here.

Also, for ease of use and future reference, a PDF format can be downloaded here.


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