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SIMION & BACIU at the European Annual Conference on European Consumer Law 2023

October 2023

Complying with the legislation impacting the consumer protection field raises specific concerns, particularly given the legal challenges deriving from:

  • a general national legislation in the field that frequently fails in offering a legislative solution fully consistent with the European legislation in force, on one side, and,
  • a rather conservative and uneven practice of the competent authorities in the field, at the national level, on the other side.

Against this background, we focus our practice on guiding our clients through the often-complex requirements in this field, while also translating the locally flavored conditions into business-friendly language.

In this spirit, SIMION & BACIU lawyers will be present again this year at the European Annual Conference on European Consumer Law, organized by the highly esteemed Academy of European Law (ERA). The sessions of the conference will tackle a variety of key topics, as detailed by the official agenda of the event:

  • Consumers in times of crisis and the green transition
  • Latest jurisprudence of the CJEU
  • The future of digital consumer rights: the AI and Cyber Resilience Acts
  • The new Regulation on Product Safety
  • Consumer financial services
  • Implementation of the EU Representative Actions Directive

Alina Paraschiv and Iunia Radu will represent SIMION & BACIU during this greatly anticipated event that will take place also in person, in Trier, Germany, during 12-13 October 2023.

Should you be interested in a discussion on the topics addressed during the conference, Alina and Iunia would be pleased to connect before, during or after it and share their takeaways on the above topics, and more.

Details about ERA’s European Annual Conference on European Consumer Law are available on the dedicated website HERE.

Details on SIMION & BACIU’s Consumer Protection and Advertising practice are available HERE.

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