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The Involvement of Gambling Regulators in the Legislative Process: Delving into Insights and Identifying Actionable Solutions

November 2023

Ana-Maria Baciu and Alina Tace attended the 2023 edition of the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS), an event tailored for professionals in the gaming and gambling industry seeking to enrich their businesses with insights and actionable solutions specific to this dynamic field.

One of the highlights of this year’s edition of EEGS was the much-anticipated IMGL Masterclass. During the session, an esteemed panel dissected the theme of ‘Practical Solutions for New and Developing Regulators‘. Ana-Maria Baciu, one of the speakers, directed her intervention towards clarifying the role of the relevant authorities in the context of the legislative processes concerning the field, with a particular note on the status on the Romanian market.

Clippings from Ana-Maria’s contribution to the discussion include the following:

Topic addressed during the panel: How do you see the involvement of gambling regulators into the legislative process?

In an ideal world, regulators should be involved in the legislative process from (before) the beginning to the very end. The initiative of most amendments should come from the regulator. Also, involvement of all stakeholders should not be overlooked. Complementary, companies and industry professional associations should have their voices heard throughout the entire process, as, in the end, they are the ones to benefit from (or be impacted by), such amendments in the event those are brought to life.

Topic addressed during the panel: How does this work in practice versus theory?

In our experience, practice is still quite far from the theoretical “good practice”.

Topic addressed during the panel: I know you have quite a large number of legislative amendments either already in force, or still pending with the legislative bodies in Romania – how was / is the regulator involved, what is their contribution and how important is their voice in the eyes (and ears 😊) of the legislative bodies?

Numerous legal initiatives currently pending in the Romanian Parliament, together with the amendments made by the Government to the primary legislation in gambling in the summer of 2022 and then in the fall of 2023, where the regulator was, based on our sources, only scarcely  involved (when involved at all), decisions being made by political factors, show that the role of the regulator in the legislative process is still not significant.

Ana-Maria Baciu is a General Member of IMGL (International Masters of Gambling Law), a non-profit association comprising over 300 members globally. Its members are recognized​ as the leading experts in their jurisdictions and are involved in most material gambling sector developments and issues worldwide. To learn more about IMGL, please visit the website: https://www.imgl.org/

EEGS is an “annual gaming conference, which calls together experts from the land based and online gaming, leisure and tourism sectors to share information, experience and ideas” about operational, technical, and legislative advancements from various jurisdictions in Europe, US and Asia.

More details about EEGS are available HERE.

Details about SIMION & BACIU’s award-winning Gaming & Gambling Regulatory practice are available HERE.

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