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The Reflection of our Values through Volunteerism

December 2023

As we celebrate International Volunteer Day on December 5th, a day designated by the United Nations to recognize the invaluable contributions of volunteers worldwide, it is only natural to reflect on the profound impact of volunteer activities that reflect the mission and the values of SIMION & BACIU, as a firm, too.

We believe that each of us, with our unique set of skills and expertise, has a human, moral responsibility to engage in and support according to interests, availability and possibilities volunteer work that aligns with believes, values and morel precepts that define our respective personality.

Volunteerism not only strengthens the fabric of our communities but also allows professionals, regardless of their profession of choice and adjacent interests to connect with the broader issues affecting society, at large.

In line with this ethos, we are pleased to share that Diana Chitea, Managing Associate in SIMION & BACIU’s Dispute Resolution practice has embarked on a volunteer initiative focused on delivering presentations to refugee children and teenagers. The initiative rolled out in cooperation with the Romanian National Council for Refugees and School No. 25 (Bucharest) was aimed at shedding light on specific aspects of Romanian legislation that directly impact the current status and lives on the participant-refugees in their new society.

Recognizing the challenges these young individuals face in adapting to their new country, Diana has accepted the challenge to demystify the legal landscape. She provided crucial insights into their rights and responsibilities through day-to-day scenario-situations in an interactive manner. Participants were invited to share their opinions on rights and obligations, considering the importance of following legal and social rules in Romania.

By empowering these youths with knowledge, we aim to foster a sense of belonging and ensure they navigate their new environment with confidence. Is it easy? Not at all. Would more resources and further engagement be required. A very loud YES, as it will contribute to the well-being of our society.

As we commemorate International Volunteer Day, we extend our gratitude to Diana, joined in this initiative by Iunia Radu, Associate in SIMION & BACIU’s Dispute Resolution practice, and to all volunteers. The commitment of our lawyers to share legal education to refugee children and teenagers underscores our belief that, as legal practitioners, our duty extends beyond the courtroom.

We believe that embracing the transformative power of volunteerism in causes dear to each of us will contribute to nurturing a just and compassionate society for all.

The values that guide us as a firm and as a team are: Authenticity, Integrality, Partnership, Fairness and Respect.

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