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Unlocking the Future: Second Edition of the Moot Court Competition on Intellectual Property Law organized by SIMION & BACIU

February 2024

We are pleased to announce the organization of the second edition of the Moot Court Competition on Intellectual Property Law in collaboration with our partners, ELSA Bucharest. The project is dedicated to students in the third and forth years at law faculties in Bucharest.

Taking part in this program will give our next generation of colleagues an opportunity to explore the exciting and complex field of intellectual property together with SIMION & BACIU highly regarded practitioners ready to share knowledge and insights that govern the global IP community, at large.

The calendar of the 2023 edition includes the following key dates:

  • Registration deadline: March 3 (using the form available HERE)
  • Deadline for the submission of the Memorandum (written phase): March 17
  • Oral pleadings in a moot hearing for the selected teams (oral round): April 6 (semifinals) and April 7 (finals). The rounds will be kindly hosted by the Bucharest Court.

Law students may register in teams of 2.

Partnership and Authenticity are two of the values that guide our initiatives. In this spirit, we propose to the students that will register for the Competition to attend a dedicated training session specially designed to provide them with key elements that would enable a structure approach to their participation in the project.

Further details about the competition and the registration form are available on the event page, HERE.

Independent observers acknowledge that SIMION & BACIU “has firmly established itself as one of the leading IP outfits in Romania“. We are honored by such feedback, and we want to replicate it through the interactions created around the 2024 edition of the Moot Court Competition on Intellectual Property Law!

ELSA Bucharest – Lovely to make a (trade)mark of this, together!

TO OUR LAW STUDENTS AUDIENCE: We invite you to contact our colleagues Ileana Nicolescu and Anca Stefanescu Toma for more information about initiatives dedicated to law students and supported by SIMION & BACIU during the academic year 2023-2024.

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