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Unlocking the Future: SIMION & BACIU present at JobFest 2024, an event dedicated to law students

March 2024

At SIMION & BACIU, we believe in empowering the next generation of legal talent. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to support the 2024 edition of JobFest, an event dedicated to law students organized by ELSA Bucharest students association. This provided us with a platform to share our insights and connect with aspiring lawyers.

SIMION & BACIU was represented by a team comprised of Ileana Niculescu, Petrus Partene, Irina Valeanu, Bogdan Cheran, and Cristina Stoica, who contributed to an enriching and authentic presentation of our firm.

Our main objective for the day was to share key principles and experiences to guide aspiring legal professionals along their career paths. Wrapping up some of the key takeaways, we would say that during our presentation and subsequent interaction, we:

– emphasized the importance of finding one’s voice and embracing experimentation.

– encouraged students to explore diverse contexts to actively apply the knowledge they acquired in school.

– conveyed that flexibility and openness to changing paths are essential traits in the dynamic legal landscape in which we are active.

Central to our discussions was the significance of mentorship. In our team’s experience, mentors are pivotal in shaping career trajectories and fostering personal and professional growth. Whether in the form of an individual or a supportive team, finding a mentor who aligns with one’s values and aspirations can be transformative, particularly during the early stages of one’s career.

Throughout our presentations, we aimed at showcasing the differences in approach and state of mind of our team, illustrating the collaborative environment and the wealth of expertise available to all generations at all levels as we are confident that each of us, if willing, can learn diverse concepts, ways of thinking and manners of interesting from any of us, regardless of our professional status. To support all these and true to our value of Partnership, we have generously been joined by Catalin Veliscu, Ilinca Margina, and Justin Cergau, our interns, who shared their respective views.

In the true spirit of the SIMION & BACIU trademark, our presence at JobFest was complemented by the support of Anca Stefanescu Toma, Raluca Comanescu, and Reghina Bratosin, whose contribution was testimonial to our integrative approach to business services professionals in our overall structure.

As we look ahead to the summer of 2024, we are excited to extend internship opportunities at SIMION & BACIU. We invite aspiring legal professionals to join our team, where mentorship, collaboration, and personal development coherently reflect our values.


We invite you to contact our colleagues Ileana NicolescuPetruş Partene and Anca Stefanescu Toma for more information about initiatives dedicated to law students and supported by SIMION & BACIU during the academic year 2023-2024.

Details regarding the SIMION & BACIU’s 2024 summer internship program are available HERE.

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