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Walking the Talk. Together.

July 2023

The values that define us are: authenticity, integrality, fairness, respect and partnership.

We invest substantial effort in bringing these values to life across our professional and social interactions, as the case my be.

In this spirit, as a team of varied personalities, we are constantly interested to exploring things together and are excited by each other’s experiences, which ultimately enrich us as a team. We believe that this gives us authenticity as a group.

We always focus on finding solutions, and each of us brings their own expectations and aspirations to the table, in the spirit of fairness. Together, we embark on a roller-coaster of emotions, with the ups and downs of any human interaction. Thus, we always aim for integrality.

We respect each other and aim for supporting our collegial partnership.

This is SIMION & BACIU. If interested in exploring a career in the legal field by joining our team, please get in touch at hr@simionbaciu.ro

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