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World Day of Social Justice, 20 February

February 2024

Social Justice is one of the pillars that must support public policies around the world.

Since its first public celebration in 2007, following the UN’s declaration of 20 February as a day of social justice, the global community has annually had a formal moment to reflect on the generous ideas it promotes. These include access to an adequate standard of living, education and health, equal access to employment, including for women and young people.

Social justice should lead to a fair distribution of income created through economic growth, with particular attention to the most vulnerable or disadvantaged. The red thread of social justice can lead to unlocking the potential of countries and peoples, to reducing poverty and inequality – premises for economic growth and can contribute to peace, stability and intergenerational solidarity

emphasized Roxana Rizoiu, Director of Knowledge Management and Professional Development, PhD in Legal Sciences.

While serious challenges remain, such as financial crises, poverty, exclusion and inequality within and between the world’s societies, the UN stressed in 2007 that globalisation opens up new opportunities through trade, capital flows, technological developments, including information technology, for the growth of the global economy and the development of living standards.

In this spirit, the SIMION & BACIU team is determined to put into practice our vision of contributing to a prosperous world through each initiative we run, where we have access to a risk-free way of carrying out our activity.

We invite you to join us on this day to reflect on the principles promoted by the UN that subscribe to the concept of social justice and are meant to support everyone’s efforts to achieve an equitable global society in which all citizens feel safe.

Details about World Day of Social Justice are available HERE.

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