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WTR 1000 has included Ana-Maria Baciu and Andreea Bende in the Top Trademark Professionals, in the gold and respectively the silver band.

WTR 1000, the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking legal trademark expertise, which identifies the leading lights in 70 jurisdictions globally has included  Ana-Maria Baciu and Andreea Bende in the Top Trademark Professionals, in the gold and respectively the silver band.


WTR also included in Simion & Baciu in the Silver Band in both Trademark Enforcement and Litigation and Trademark Prosecution and Strategy sections.


According to WTR Newly minted firm Simion & Baciu was formed in June 2019 with the stated aims of building closer client relationships, staying ahead of the commercial and legal curves and superbly serving service users across a range of industries and technical areas. There is every reason to suspect that the Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen spin-off will achieve these objectives and grow substantially in the coming years, given the quality of its leadership. Co-founding partner Ana-Maria Baciu has built up a stellar market reputation as a result of her 20 years of cutting-edge trademark experience. “As a skilled and sharp attorney with a focus on the pharmaceutical arena, she provides professional advice at a high level. Ana-Maria is an excellent all-around IP professional.” The “solution-oriented and helpful” Andreea Bende delivers across a diverse range of industries for an equally varied clientele. “Always willing to communicate in depth, she is comprehensive and understanding. She always gives her clients the best possible answer.”


Banding explained by WTR:


  • Gold – Firms and individuals in the gold band are those that attract the most positive comments from sources. We have identified them as the crème de la crème; their success often hinges on reputations established over lengthy periods of time, something which enables them to secure the most high-profile, big-ticket work from the most prestigious of clients.
  • Silver – These eminent practices and individuals also attract extensive feedback and are renowned for their top-end work. However, the consensus from commentators is that for whatever reason – less specialised, newer to the marketplace, smaller client base and so on – their reputations and their visibility in the trademark sphere do not quite match those at the apex.


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